Natural resources play extremely vital part in our lives. There are no alternate for this naturally occurring items. Water, bio-diversity, minerals and gas are source of energy with numerous usage. But huge dependency on this natural resources leading to their exhaustion. So it required to take precautions before the alarming situations.

Amongst several natural resources, water is indispensable part our life and also no one can substitute the vitality of it. With huge growth in the population, wastage of water has incremented to huge rate. Recycling of this resource can well manage the growing scarcity of water.

Science and technology has given birth to many procedures and methodologies which are useful in the conversation of the water. Amongst various, reverse osmosis (RO) is a filtration method which easily removes several types of large molecules and ions from the solutions.

In the reverse osmosis systems, the solvent naturally moves from an area having low solute concentration via membrane to the area having high solute concentration. This system is most common process which is used for purification of the drinking water and also salt and other substances are removed from the seawater.

Industrial RO take off minerals from boiler water at the power plants. In this process water is repeatedly condensed and boiled repeatedly. Industrial RO aims at purifying of water so that its deposition does not leave stains on the machinery and hence cause corrosion. The deposition in the boiler may effect the efficiency of the boilers resulting in poor steam production.

Contamination in the water can also be checked using sewage treatment plants. Household sewage including run off and domestic can also be corrected using this plant. This treatment engage physical, chemical and biological processes to subtract waste stream and solid waste which is otherwise suitable for disposal.

This amazing technology have enabled to re-use the sewage effluent for drinking water. Sewage can be treated in the vicinity of the place where they are created using decentralized system. There are basically three procedures in sewage treatment plant which includes primary, secondary and tertiary treatments. In the first treatment heavy solids are settled at the bottom while lighter being oil, grease float at the surface. All these are separated from the water. Moving towards the secondary treatment which takes off suspended and biological matter. All micro-organisms are treated prior to discharging it for tertiary treatment.

In this last which being tertiary treatment, treated water is sometimes disinfected chemically or physically. So this step checks the discharge of water either to stream, river, irrigation purpose or for agricultural purposes.

Magic of technology has made everything feasible leading to the invention of many procedures and equipments which have come up as blessing for us.

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