Thinking about a promising and lucrative career, simply go green. Surprising isn’t it? Yet, this is true. With so many technological advancements and people going the natural or organic way, the green revolution awaits you. You have come to the right place to augur your greener prospects whether for plumbing or even construction sectors.


1. What is a Green Career?

A green career incorporates an occupation that gets affected by defined activities. They include recycling, conservation of energy, reducing pollution and development of alternative energy solutions.

If we look at green energy solutions, a lot can be known and implemented. Talk about green energy, we get to know that it comes from natural sources like wind, sunlight, tides, algae, rain, plants and geothermal heat. These energy resources are renewable so they make for greener energy solutions that have become the need of the time as well.

Benefits for choosing Green Career Consultancy

1. Environment-Friendly Work and Responsibility: Nowadays, there are many environmental issues that are mostly man-made. So, combating them is an uphill tasks and ask for many countries. When you go green, you have range of options to specialize in and make use of your expertise.

From energy conservation to deforestation and waste water treatment, turn your passion into a career.

2. Add value across broad target audience: The green practices have become key for a business. Too much focus is being done over the environment through media by individuals, experts and the families. Such people want to contribute well for the society on large too.

So, when you have an expertise, you can address their needs efficiently and guide them better. For instance, having a background in real estate can help businesses with eco-friendly products. You can introduce such products that are vital for new construction.

Or if you are experienced in working for the Government, you can consult them on how to reduce office way through a viable green solution.

3. Ideal part-time Business: A green consultancy allows you to take your expertise to a different level. You can help train an eco-consultant on freelance part-time basis. Or fix hourly rates and time where you can visit their homes and recommend changes.

You can even suggest them suitable green products that are economical and last longer too.

The green products can help to save energy and water. Lastly, you can establish your own green store online to market your expertise as well.

4. Specializations: Depending on your interest and passion, you choose any of the following fields as your green career choice.

a. Solar PV Manufacturing

b. Green Build Design Management

c. Green Household Management

d. Site Prospector