You have surely had a need to purchase milk and milk related products for yourself or your family. When passing the dairy isle in the grocery store, you have taken a look at the items offered. Milk and milk products are very important for a healthy diet as they contain vitamins and minerals that are essential for good health.

Not only do you as the consumer view dairy products as nutritious and important for healthy lives, the people who are working in the dairy farms do also. Milk needs to be free from contaminants and other bacteria so that it is not easily spoiled. To obtain this high standard for milk, the dairy farm production needs to be sure that the water used is as clean and clear. Not only is the water they use cleaned but, the water that is disposed of needs to be treated so that it is the best it can be to be released into the sewage system of the public.

Treatment of dairy water is just as important as the milk and milk products that are produced each day. One of the best methods for treating this particular water is by implementing a practice of cleaning the water from any and all bacteria that may be harmful to you and me.

The animals also need clean water to drink. It should be just as safe for the animals as it is for human consumption. If the water carries bacteria, it can cause the animals to become sick and produce a lesser amount of milk that a healthy animal. Treating the dairy water should be and is focused mainly on the water the animals drink and also on the water that is removed as waste.

Each of the dairy farms has come up with their own particular way of treating and cleaning the wastewater. A lagoon on the site of the dairy farm is one of these ways. The water waste that is taken in from the dairy farm is separated from and solid waste products. The solid waste is them recycled and used for mulch or for animal feed. The water is taken to the artificial lagoon for removal. The water begins a natural process of breaking down the microorganisms and starts an anaerobic process because of oxygen removal.

This specific way of water treatment may take several months to be completed and the water fully treated. This also causes a nasty smelling odor and it may become a problem for other people. It can also become a health hazard to those around the lagoon. Treatment of dairy water can and may cause a problem if it seeps into the ground and finds a water source. This will in turn, because contamination to other water sources nearby.

The point of using any type of treatment for dairy water on dairy farms is to bring in a profit without causing the milk and milk product quality to suffer. The animal’s health and the health of the farmers and those living in the area is also an important thing to maintain and protect.