Noodle Making Machine Project in India


Cereals like wheat, rice, maize, and millets are stapled food grain for a majority of the population around the world. These are the rich source of carbohydrates and supply of calorie and other nutrients to the consumers.

Noodle Making Machine Project in India is very easy to start for which small entrepreneurs are interested to do it. Apart from value added by processing to traditional products from these grains, development of Newer products offers Variety, Convenience, Quality, Cost efficiency and Scope for increasing nutritional value. In the developed countries many convenience foods are prepared by an extrusion process using extruder, as it offers a large number of the desired characteristic to be incorporated in the product. NOODLES are a form of pasta that is becoming extremely popular in India even as Continental and Italian delicacy.

Noodle Making Machine Manufacurer

Now a day Noodle Making Machine Project in India is going on rapidly all over the world. Instant Noodles is prepared by means of an extrusion machine that is basically made of an stainless steel make strips, either flat (rolled and Cut ) or Oval round(Extruded). The process is quite simple and requires not much-skilled labor.

The machine itself is high technology and provides the manufacturers to produce pasta with several alternatives materials ( like Maida, Suji, Rava, Rice flour and so on ) and in different shapes ( like Spaghetti, Fettuccini, Vermicelli, Macaroni, Fusilli, Penne, etc. ) of Pasta and Noodles. These products can be described as Hard, Brittle pieces, Formed into different shapes by extruding, cutting and drying tough dough made from semolina or farina mixed with water.

Semi Automatic Noodle Making Machine

Market Potential & Scope

This type of ready-to-eat food items is very popular in the developed countries because of its versatility of form, composition and ease of preparation at the consumer end, which has made these products so widely, the accepted world over.

The popularity of Pasta can be attributed to its sensory appeal, Versatility, Low Cost, ease of preparation, Nutritional content and excellent storage stability as well as increased consumer interest in ethnic foods in the Western world. The inherent blandness of the product makes them congenial with many kinds of adjuncts such as sauces, topping, flavourings etc. enabling vermicelli Noodles to be used as the basis of different dishes with infinite variations.

These dishes are consumed in place of potatoes, rice, bread. Italians are world leaders in the consumption of products with 25 Kg/head/annum followed by the USA at about 8.2 Kg/head. Australians and Japanese consume about 3.5 Kg. And 1.1 Kg /head respectively.

Although consumption in India is reported to be very low, viz., 80 Gm/capita, their production has increased in the recent past, from 4.73 lakh tones during 1990 to 6.46 lakh tones in 2001.

With having Export Market Noodle are projected to become more popular in many of the Asian countries with the increased availability of Western foods and higher disposable incomes. Due to improving the standard of living in the cities and the rapid urbanization taking place in the rural areas, consumption of these products is widely expected to go up steadily.

At present, the market of Noodles, especially in the urban areas, is dominated by brands likes MAGGI & TOP RAMAN. Some medium & Small companies are also engaged in its production. The presence of a demand-supply gap can be observed which may lead ample scope for a unit to come up in this product sector to cater especially to the semi-urban and rural sectors of north India.

Besides the boom in the food service sector including fast food chain, has widened the demand potential for Noodles. Experiments have shown that advertisement and publicity have influenced the pattern of consumption of Noodles/ Pasta products. Besides, Noodles/ Pasta products have good export potential, especially in the Middle East/ Europe.

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Noodle Making Machine Project