Redox reaction is a reaction between two elements where in one undergoes oxidation and the other reduces by gaining electron. This basic principal is used in sewage treatment plants, and to treat the water for cleaning purposes.

There are various actors that contribute to contamination. It may be contamination due to chemicals, or human contamination, industrial contamination, or sometimes also due to improper maintenance of the pipes through which the water flows itself. Cleaning and treatment of drinking water is of utmost importance since water is one of the main sources to cause illness if contaminated.

Redox method used for purification is one of the best methods to treat water for a healthy intake. Redox purification helps removal of chorine from the water, thus making it skin friendly. We have all experience hair loss, especially those who frequent swimming pool. Many pools add chlorine as a purification means. Thus eliminating chlorine by the redox process is a way to make the water good for bathing purpose, reducing ill-effects like hair fall.

Besides other uses of water, drinking water should be particularly safest for consumption. Arsenic is a common contaminant that is found in water. Water that is contaminated with arsenic is dangerous and causes various ailments like Type 2 diabetes. It is studied that arsenic can resist insulin which in turn causes glucose non-absorption into the cells leading to hyperglycemia.

Sometimes bottled water (from tap) can be arsenic contaminated. Water from tap is usually not safe, and can be easily exposed to arsenic. Redox process is a simple and easy and fool roof way to remove arsenic from the water. Redox filter are useful in the process, where the oxidation and reduction process names the arsenic change its basic element and helps in removing the metal from water.

These days redox process is used prominently by water filters that removes harmful elements like copper, or zinc, chlorine etc. Once the harmful elements are removed by redox process, the water is and infection free and drinkable too.

The modern developments and studies have developed the Mineral redox water. It is reduced water which is deoxidized water and also beneficial to our health.

Is Mineral Redox Water special? Here the redox water which is already safe for drinking sans metals and other contaminations is added with essential minerals. Mineral Redox water is produced by passing high frequency current casing reduction of water into oxygen and hydrogen in its atomic form.