Hog Farm, Horse Farm and Poultry


Hog farms should not exceed standards on water effluents set under RA 9275 (Clean Water Act). Our waterways must be kept clean and free of pollution and other contaminants. Plantex Solution treats wastewater to meet DENR waste water discharge parameters that produce variety of potent enzymes that kills all disease producing microbes (bacteria, fungi, viruses & parasites) present in the above environment, thus preventing bacterial disease in ground water, aquatic & marine life. It also catalyzes the breakdown of any organic or inorganic substance and degrade/digest it; allowing enough oxidation, neutralizing the pH level of waste water. It serves as coagulant agent and totally eradicate foul or pungent odor. If added to effluent from the anaerobic digester, it will greatly improve the efficiency of the existing wastewater treatment facility. The final effluent can be recycled for the washing of the pigpens. Recycled water can also be used for irrigating the vegetables and orchards within the farm during the dry seasons. The piggery will no longer discharge wastewater from its operation thus saving the environment and maintaining an odor-free reputation within the area. Dilution Ratio: 1 liter : 1,000 liters of waste water in the lagoon system.


Plantex All-in-One Solution removes the source of odor as it cleans & disinfects. Kills and breaks down the cells of odor-producing bacteria, and stops its growth, breaks the hazardous gaseous compounds (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, etc.), and releases these to the air, thereby eliminating the source of odor. It also eliminates toxic gases like hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, mercaptans & converts them into usable acids. Plantex Solution is a cost-effective, non-toxic & environment friendly alternative to chemicals used at the farm. It can be added to the drinking water supply for the farm animals. This will result to less odorous liquid and solid animal wastes. There will be no adverse effect on the health of the animals. Dilution Ratio: 1 liter : 200 liters of water


Plantex Biozyme Powdered Form Micro Aid Activator contains several beneficial and effective microbes that produce varieties of enzymes, hormones, vitamins, antibiotics and growth factors that will give animals the necessary nutrients needed in their body to fight diseases and enhance their growth, thus allowing animals to grow faster and healthier giving farm owner increase of productivity. It can be a growth booster or feed additive. For feed additives, fermented spent grain is excellent for animals like cows as fattening.Prepare 500 kilos of wet spent grain and mix with 4 kilos of Plantex Biozym and allow to ferment for 1-2 days or until it reaches 50 deg. C. Afterwards, turn and dry. Now it is ready to be mixed with 30% of commercial feeds.


Plantex All-in-One Solution helps the farm environment to be more conducive to animal growth by eliminating disease-causing microorganisms. It is a versatile product that can be used for castration, ear-notching, cutting of umbilical cord, Treatment ofmange (inflammation of the skin of animals caused by parasitic mites which burrow into the skin surface) Dilution Ratio: 1 liter : 1 liter of water

Prawn Farms, Fish Ponds

Plantex Biozym powdered solution allows the abundance growth of planktons that will give more food to the fish & prawns. Some beneficial & effective microbes contained in Plantex Biozyme produce variety of vitamins, hormones, antibiotics and growth factors that can enhance the growth/yield of fish & prawns which will result to the increase and abundance of harvest. Oxidation is likewise increased in the deep bottom part of the pond thus minimizing fish mortality caused by oxygen loss resulting to a good and abundance harvest of Fish and other marine life. It is a versatile biological treatment proven to control bacterial disease in Tiger prawns and other aquatic culture. This powder activator effectively eliminates toxic substances and pollutants in the bottom of pond thereby preventing the outbreak.

FOR PRAWN FARMS, Control for pollution-causing bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, submerge 20-40 kilos of Plantex Biozym and scatter for even distribution around the bottom of the pond. Plantex Biozym allows “lab-lab”, planktons and other natural food to grow abundantly.

FOR FISH CULTURING, mix 10 kilos of Plantex Biozym with 30 kilos of first class rice bran. Wet thoroughly and allow to ferment for 24 hours. Broadcast the fermented mixtures evenly on the wet bottom of the pond. Let stand and fill the pond with water after 3-5 days. Ferment one ton (1,000 kilos) of treated chicken manure with Plantex All-in-One Solution and 2 kilos of Plantex Biozym powder for a period of 15 days. Add 3 more kilos of Plantex Biozym, mix thoroughly and spread evenly on the bottom of wet pond. Allow 3-5 days before filling the pond with water.