“My soul can find no staircase to heaven unless it be through earth’s loveliness.” Michelangelo. Of course one of the greatest painters in all of history was keenly aware of the earth’s bountiful beauty. It is in nature where so many through-out the ages have sought refuge and inspiration but, sadly over the course of time that bountiful beauty is sadly disappearing.

It is this quote by Michelangelo that mankind has to address today. If we don’t the reality is too horrific to even contemplate. In the 20th century alone we have almost completely polluted our oceans, destroyed millions and millions of acres of forest, and have accelerated one of the earth’s histories most sudden climate changes. All because we have not paid attention to the true meaning of Michelangelo’s astute observation about the earth’s natural beauty. Whether we have considered all that we have done in just the last 150 years or so as progress for humanity or not is something we all should consider. We continue to jeopardize our future with a most blatant assault on the wonders of nature. It is the earth’s natural beauty that is meant to sustain us all. If we continue our assault in the name of progress without regards for the earth’s delicate balance the fate of mankind is in question. This is the most important scenario mankind is faced with today.

The green green grass of home has now turned a dismal brown in many parts of the world. Lack of sufficient rainfall, massive impurities in the oxygen we all breathe, or the sewage that pours out onto the streets and into our waterways because of the lack waste water treatment facilities or the proper sanitation that for millions the world over still don’t have access to are just a few realities that continue to plague all of humanity.

Remembering a TV commercial of not too long ago where a Native American with tears in his eyes upon gazing at all mans disregard for nature is so poignant to the times of today just as it was when it first aired on TV those many years ago. Still, too many have so ill regard for the land, water and the air that we all breathe. Yet, we will continue to destroy the environment that is meant for all living things unless society enforces current safeguards while implementing new technologies to protect the only home know to man.

Like the pollution that keeps assailing our environment there are some who commit unspeakable acts of terror and violence upon societies. The terror, the mayhem, and unprecedented unwarranted hate targeted against man and animal resonates that the beauty of our world is fading away. In just the past 16 years there have been more and more horrendous acts of willful destruction and terror that brought about unspeakable crimes against humanity. This terror inflicted is another form of pollution that is permeating all across the globe. Today the random acts by those who are poised to commit horrific carnage whether it is against man or animal is just as catastrophic as the deluge of pollution that is invading our waterways and our whole planet.

In the United States the gun violence continues. Needless deaths occur on a weekly basis and yet it is as though our public officials seem powerless. We have safeguards to stop pollution and yet the assault on our environment continues. We have gun laws and technology in place and yet the carnage continues. These safeguards that are all ready in place but not universally accepted or enforced keeps the pollution following amidst the killing fields where innocent lives pay the ultimate price.

Our world how really beautiful it could be. I don’t know how many times we have all heard “If only” If only there were more weapons carried by more people would be a marvelous deterrent to unwanted mayhem. If only there were more land fills to handle more of all our trash. Well! These solutions only create conditions for more unwanted mayhem and more trash. It is time we take a good hard look at where society is headed today. It seems by all the rhetoric that we are headed back to Dodge City instead of the 22 century and beyond. In safeguarding our planet there are many technologies that are already available to secure that more pollution won’t disrupt the environment and protect the innocent lives that are entrusted into humanities care.

Definitive choices have yet to be made. Do we only accept the reality that pollution is away of life, not to be all together eliminated? Or, do we choose to implement devises and technologies to reroute pollution in all it’s forms for the benefit of all mankind? The marvels of today are the answers. Too often our elected officials who are entrusted to make decisions that will improve societies can’t or won’t make those choices. In the end we are only moving backward instead of progressing and flourishing. Whether it is implementing and enforcing the technologies that will improve society are now often over looked, deemed not viable, or just seem to be plain unfeasible. Again, our illustrious leaders of state have yet to realize there really are alternatives. But, they continue to lack conviction, and lack the moral fortitude to put meaningful legislation using what is already available into reality. Yes, we really do have the devises at hand to ensure the safety and health of all living things.