Food Waste Disposer (FWD) is a machine, built into the waste tube of a Kitchen sink, that shreds unwanted food and flushes it away. FWD is an essential part of modern kitchen which is not only user friendly but it is also an environment friendly kitchen gadget.

Wherever the kitchen garbage is kept to get rid of food scrap can be a mess and can get a smell chore. The bagged garbage does attract animals and insects towards it and create unhygienic atmosphere around one’s home.

With the help of the Crusader FWD in one’s kitchen, chicken bones, fruit rind, coffee grounds and more of the waste goes directly in the sink. There almost liquefied to a safe flow into one’s sewage system or septic tank. One can definitely enjoy a cleaner food preparation area, and much less bagged garbage cluttering your home.

What’s more, if one have never own a food waste disposer? You’re in for a pleasant surprise. Crusader disposers are cheap to operate; in fact, they’re among the least expensive installed kitchen appliances.

The food waste is grounded into fine particles and safely flushed into your sewage system in the Crusader. In the waste water treatment facilities, the food waste can be converted into useful energy, or cast-off into agricultural fertilizer.

Crusader offer a simple and cost-effective method of reducing the amount of household waste going into landfill, while at the same time increasing the common rate of recycling and lowering your carbon footstep.

It’s Easy to connect as it’s a standard plumbing, machine fits neatly underneath the sink. Food waste is fed into the disposer, mixed with cold tap water and ground into particles by sharp stainless steel blades in the sink. The particles are flushed away to cleanly and efficiently join the local waste water collection and treatment systems. Ground food waste does not block drains and sewers; cooking oil, fats and greases should never be poured down the sink for they do block drains and sewers. They should be disposed of separately. The disposer will manage with just about every type of food waste, from meat, fish and peelings to eggshells, nuts and small bones.

FWD symbolize a relatively low-cost investment, but they help make a home more wanted. Its features are that its clean and hygienic, they lessen smells, simple to use, and yet they save abundance of time, labor and problem. No wonder more customers are demanding them for their kitchens.

Food waste disposers represent a relatively low-cost investment, but they help make a home more desirable. They’re clean and hygienic, they eliminate smells, they’re easy to use, and yet they save plenty of time, labour and bother. No wonder more and more consumers are demanding them for their kitchens. We have introduced our food waste disposer under brand name Crusader.

Apollo Industries manufacture Food Waste Disposer for both industrial and residential use.