Hydro jetting or horizontal line flushing as it is sometimes known is a crucial aspect of property maintenance and development. Given enough time, drain pipes and sewage lines can become blocked, and when traditional snaking methods cannot clear the clog, horizontal line flushing can clear even the most stubborn industrial or commercial debris. This method can be a cost saving practice, especially considering the fact that many business owners turn to replacing the existing pipes, which is time-consuming and expensive. Alternatively, it can restore pipes and sewage lines to their original functionality, without the need for extensive and costly repairs.

In most cases, this method is viewed as last resort for clearing stubborn blockages, but many professional plumbing companies actually suggest hydro jetting as an excellent method for maintaining drainage systems. This technique will keep drainage pipes clear of residue and clogs instead of waiting for a serious blockage to occur. In addition, hydro jetting may be required before treatment or repair work to the lining of your piping system, as residue and build-up makes the treatment chemicals less effective.

Indeed, hydro jetting is an excellent method for removing sudden but serious blockages, but horizontal line flushing can also remove back-up causing blocks that are the result of years of residue and debris clogging the system. The heavy pressure associated with hydro jetting/horizontal line flushing can even remove tree roots and other sources of backed-up drains. Water is expelled from the hydro jet at pressures of up to 4000 pounds per minute, allowing the water to cut through all manner of debris.

Moreover, horizontal line flushing is the go-to method for maintaining septic tanks. As septic tanks age, they become more susceptible to back-ups in sinks and other drains. This method ensures that lines are clear so that water and waste can move freely to the tank. If you are having problems with waste backing up from your septic tank, you may either have a full tank or blockages in the pipelines. Horizontal line flushing can save you the time and expense of having a new tank installed.

As mentioned, the major benefits of hydro jetting or horizontal line flushing are many. Not only can this method save you money on costly plumbing repairs and replacements, but it is an eco-friendly way to clear even the most stubborn clogs. Root penetration, years of waste and debris build-up, soap scum and other residues are quickly and easily removed with hydro jetting. Furthermore, as a regular maintenance technique, this method can also extend the life of your drains and sewage system. If you are having problems with drains, sinks, and water lines backing up, always contact a professional hydro jet company before considering major repairs or replacement.