SPORTS PROBLEM: How Can Golf Courses Better Conserve Water Resources and Save Money? We all have heard the news stories about how the state of California is trying to deal with the historic drought that has severely impacted their state. Since California is also home to many great golf courses how are the golf course superintendents dealing with the many restrictions placed on them in restricting water usage and how can courses elsewhere better deal with this issue?

INTELLIGENT SPORTS SOLUTION: The USGA is employing several new and innovative intelligent solutions to the on-going issue of water conservation. Here are a few of the new grasses being developed and tested to see which ones are best suited for the different environments they would be used in.

Improved Grasses that Require Less Water

Since 1982 the United States Golf Association has distributed more than $18 million through a university grants program to investigate environmental issues related to the game of golf, with a special emphasis on the development of new grasses that use less water and require less pesticide use. For example:

New Irrigation System Technologies

Tremendous strides have been taken in recent years to improve irrigation system efficiency through the use of technology, including:

Best Management Practices for Golf Course Irrigation

Best Management Practices for water conservation could be described as the combination of proper plant selection and cultural maintenance practices that provide adequate turf quality for the game of golf while minimizing water use. These could include:

Alternative Water Sources

During periods of drought and water use restrictions, it is not hard to understand why many communities are concerned about golf course use of potable water supplies, either from municipal sources or from on-site wells. In response, many golf courses have developed alternative irrigation water supplies that do not depend on potable sources. These include:

Golf Course Design Concepts that Save Water

Today, golf course architects use innovative design concepts to help save water.