The service offered by the plumber is usually called as plumber service normally of two types namely domestic and industrial. There are professional bodies in which the services are done in specified standards. Within this, the services can be related with liquid substances and gaseous substances. The services can be installation of the system as whole or installation of a subsystem or rectification of the whole system or the subsystem. The modification of the system is also applicable. In organizations where the aesthetic and natural beauty is having a higher degree of importance is having a decorative plumbing; which is also common trend in the households. But in water theme parks, there comes the intelligent designing and implementation of this system with maximum aesthetic or decorative appearance, less space consumption and smooth, continuous flow of water. Similar is in the case of organizations where boilers are functioning. In all these systems, the prevention of back flow is mandatory.

The plumbing services are quite needed in areas where the gaseous substances are flowing. This needs a careful monitoring of the pipes and valves. The services also include the finding and rectification of errors in the system. The rectifiers must ensure that the gas is flowing in a constant rate and at correct pressure. The services offered by the plumbers are gaining importance because the whole system even in a house is getting complicated. The water purifying system, the heaters are now sensitive to the flow, pressure and these needs special service. This has bought the plumbing services to outsource. Thus this sector which comes under service industry is contributing employment to a lot of people. This is gaining importance in the areas like metallurgy too. This is because the service in the area of plumbing is mainly due to corrosion. This is related with the flow of materials and the material used for making the conduit.

Industrial plumbing services are another important areas in which a high degree of accuracy and knowledge. The application comes where the long pipelines that carry oil that may be of high degree of flammability and corrosiveness. The sensitivity gains importance where the gaseous substances are flowing through pipes. Thus the industrial plumbing services can be specialized. There are professional institutions concentrating on the designing of the entire system or subsystems. They can include the material handling mechanisms. The designing of safety valves, the pressure volume detection etc need the aid from devices which gives the services another arena for development. This service plays an important role in agriculture both domestic and industrial. To make the whole system more attractive, the service assistants are concentrating more in decorative plumping where sanitary wares look attractive with less cost and ease in use. Another area of this kind of service is the sewage disposal and treatment of the waste water generated. Now a days the service providers are gaining licenses to standardize their work to compete with other players.